The Professional Advisory Committee

On Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mission Statement

The Professional Advisory Committee, PAC, understands child and adolescent mental health as inextricably related to the familial, educational, economic, social and community factors which are the context that can promote or impede a successfully developing child. With this perspective, the PAC is committed to moving toward a critically need to conceptualize and structure the family as the unit to be served, not the child or adolescent. As a function of state mental health planning, the scope of the PAC’s concern, since its inception, is to consider, promote dialogue, and advise on the promotion of strategies and services that address child mental health in any service arena in the Commonwealth that touches lives of families. The PAC is most concerned about the need to target and measure improvements in children’s and adolescents’ quality of life experiences as guidelines for child and adolescent mental health care and that mental health, like physical health, needs promotion, prevention and intervention throughout a youth’s development.

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