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The remaining events will run March-May, and April sessions have been finalized.
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Youth Development Committee Team Charter

Team Name:  Youth Development Committee (YDC)

Team Sponsors:  Kathryn Janiuk, Matthew Griffin

Date Established:

2002, Revised and Approved 11/26/18

Team Vision

The YDC:

·         Seeks to inspire hope and recovery, opens possibilities and facilitates youth/young adult voice within DMH;

·         Wants every youth/young adult to realize their unique gifts, participate in self-advocacy, become part of systems change, and have access to supports and resources to help them in their recovery and transition toward independence;

·         Works collaboratively with youth/young adults with lived mental health experiences, service providers, advocates and policy makers to inspire hope and recovery; and

·         Addresses mental health services and supports for specific life domains, such as; employment, education, housing and issues related to relationships, safety, health and well-being.


Team Charge 

The YDC:

·         Serves as an advisory board to the Massachusetts State Mental Health Planning Council (SMHPC), and to influence the development of the Department of Mental Health’s (DMH) Transition Age Youth (TAY) Initiative;

·         Enhances collaboration between youth/young adults with mental health challenges and their supporters to provide information about available supports (or services) and resources; and educate others about how mental health and recovery is perceived in the community; and

·         Advocates for change by shaping and improving policies and systems that are designed to support mental health for youth and young adults.



Membership Expectations

The YDC has formally presented recommendations to DMH Commissioners and other leadership in support of young adults.  The YDC also includes DMH area representatives who report on progress related to supported employment, education, housing, training, and young adult activities (i.e. young adult councils, trainings etc). In addition, the YDC collaborates with other subcommittees of the SMHPC, particular the Employment and Housing subcommittees; and members are aware of system changes can impact services for young adults and will report them back to the Committee.



Team Logistics and Requirements ( Time, place, resources)


Every 4th Monday from 2-3:30pm at DMH Central Office, 25 Staniford Street, Boston, MA

OR By video conference WebEx

Once a quarter the

Transition Age Youth and Young Adults System of Care Access Initiative (TSAI) will meet for their Advisory Committee during the YDC time slot.

Meeting Norms/Expectations

·         Parking Lot for other topics that come up, and follow up

·         At the end of the meeting review what went well and what can be improved

·         Achievable objectives

·         Give everyone a chance to speak

·         Limit distractions for yourself and others

·         Limit the use of acronyms, especially when introducing yourself



Individual Members & Roles & Responsibilities


YDC Co-Chairs:

Kimyatta.Campbell@mass.gov and Matthew Griffin will

·        Attend a planning call to develop the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

·        Help come up with topics, speakers, etc. for meetings.

·        Co-facilitate the YDC on the 4th Monday from 2pm-3:30pm every month at DMH Central Office 25 Staniford St, Boston,

·        Let the DMH staff person know as soon as possible if there is some reason they cannot attend that month’s meeting.

·        Each co-chair has a specific YDC goal they have developed and will be the point person for questions and tracking the progress.


DMH Staffing Support:

 Kimyatta Campbell (Kimyatta.Campbell@mass.gov )  will

·        Handle all logistics of YDC, including writing the agenda, sending out reminders, maintaining the young adult email distribution list (which includes allies and other committee members), bringing all printed materials to the meeting.

·        Outreach to possible speakers, and if necessary meet with them to explain what YDC is all about.

·        Attend every YDC meeting, and assist in facilitating when needed. If unable to attend the meeting, establish a designee attendee for the planned absence.

All members will

·        Help with recruitment and support young adult members and work to elevate young adult voice.

·        Help maintain a supportive environment of mutual respect where all opinions can be shared and expressed.

·        All members will identify challenges young adults are facing in their communities, and bring it to the Committee for input/ideas/ and help in shaping the goals of the YDC.


Membership includes young adults as co-chairs, young adults, parents, family members, stakeholders and policy makers from the state mental health department in the Child, Youth and Families Services & Adult divisions, interagency partners, transition experts, non-profit advocacy organizations, parents, university representatives, and other professionals.


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