The mission of the State Mental Health Planning Council Employment Subcommittee is to promote timely and effective access to employment and career services that are integrated/coordinated with treatment and housing services, and work collectively toward common goals of promoting rehabilitation and recovery.


Philosophy: Employment is one of the basic essential elements of life in our culture. All members of this culture should be encouraged to participate without discrimination. This includes people in recovery with serious mental illness.

Scope: All public and private agencies that serve the needs of people in recovery with serious mental illness need to create opportunities to develop relationships and learn to work together, sharing experiences, identifying barriers to employment and successful ways of overcoming these barriers.

Strategy: Gather information on current vocational rehabilitation/employment and education services and their integration across agency lines and with treatment and housing services, including statistical data; study this information; make recommendations based on this information; monitor the implementation of these recommendations; and advocate for the resources to operationalize them.

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