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​Barbers and stylists have always been viewed, within communities of color, as resources to share information and discuss important topics. The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health has partnered with barbers and stylists, through The BarberTime Media Network, to provide valuable resources to the community. The goal of the event is to provide a forum for the community to discuss how to cope with the stress and other mental health issues related to the pandemic.

The virtual event is scheduled for Monday, July 20, at 1 p.m.  The one-hour event will live stream on Facebook and will also be available for replay through The BarberTime Media Network.

Host and Moderator is Julia Mejia, Boston City Councilor, At-Large.

Panelists will include Dr. Mathieu Bermingham, Metro-West Center for Well Being; Malika Arty, Boston Public Health Commission; Kueen Dickerson King, stylist; Sadler "Dr. Boogs" Lacross, barber; and Jorge Sierra, barber, author/speaker.

Registration and full details of the event can be found at Eventbrite;

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The public is encouraged to ask questions to the panelists in advance of the virtual town hall by using the link on the Eventbrite page.

Thanks to everyone who attended the first ever SMHPC virtual meeting. We had 53 people attend for at least part of the meeting. Here’s a link to a survey to get feedback on the technology issues with the meeting. Please fill it out even if you didn’t attend the meeting. We need to know if technology kept you from joining.


Here are the PowerPoints from the presenters.

MassSupport SMHPC

CM Telehealth fam survey_7.6.20

FEP presentation for MHPC 7.9.2020


Also, I was asked to share the link to the NAN Project end of school year report.


Co-Chair Opportunity

The State Mental Health Planning Council (SMHPC) is looking for a youth co-chair to help lead the SMHPC.  Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and commit to attending all co-chair and SMHPC meetings, which combined are approximately eight per year.  Responsibilities include helping establish goals and objectives of the SMHPC , working with the SMHPC subcommittees and DMH on the goals and objectives and setting agendas for the quarterly SMHPC meetings.  If you are interested, please email SMHPC@massmail.state.ma.us with your interest and experience serving in a similar capacity.  Submitting a resume with your email is preferred but not required.  If you have questions and want to talk to the other co-chairs, please contact co-chair Anne Whitman at annewhit60@gmail.com  or co-chair Danna Mauch at dannamauch@mamh.org.  Thanks.


Interpreter services, CART services, and other accommodations are available to support access, inclusion, and participation in meetings of the State Mental Health Planning Council and its subcommittees. 

If you plan to attend these meetings and would like to request a sign language interpreter, spoken language interpreter, or other accommodation, please contact the Office of Race, Equity, and Inclusion at OMCA@massmail.state.ma.us

at least 14 days in advance of the meeting date.


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