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The State Mental Health Planning Council (SMHPC) approved the bylaws at its January 6, 2022 meeting.  Check out the bylaws here and contact the SMHPC if you have any questions.

Bylaws Final and Approved by
SMHPC 1 - 6 - 2022


About the SMHPC State Mental Health Planning Council

The State Mental Health Planning Council is a standing committee of the Mental Health Advisory Council (MHAC) to the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH).  The MHAC, established by statute (MGL c.19, section 11) and regulation (104 CMR 26.04), consists of 15 individuals appointed by the Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to "advise the commissioner [DMH] on policy, program development and the priorities of need in the Commonwealth for comprehensive programs in mental health  All members of the Planning Council are nominated and appointed by the MHAC and include consumers, family members of adults and children, legal and program advocates, providers, other state agencies, mental health professionals and professional organizations, legislators, representation from state employee unions and members of racial, cultural and linguistic minority groups. DMH provides staff to the Council.

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