Vision and Mission – housing subcommittee

Vision and Mission - housing subcommittee

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Adrianne Cassidy, Advocates, Inc

Joe Finn, Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance

Mission Statement

To promote decent, safe and affordable housing for clients of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, which will offer voluntary, flexible supports to foster recovery, and which are integrated into the broader community. This is accomplished through educational outreach to a wide range of stakeholders, along with research, planning and advocacy that leads to increased access to existing housing resources and securing new resources to meet the growing need.

Vision Statement

Housing is acknowledged as a basic human right in many circles.  For individuals eligible for DMH Services, it should be considered an essential component in the recovery process. Experience demonstrates that multiple factors influence a person’s recovery and well-being, some are less defined or understood than others; housing is one factor that is primary and undeniable.

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